Saturday, June 1, 2019

Memorial Potluck - Movie - Health Month

Auburndale, FL ( Hi 93  Lo 75)

Our temperatures have been well over 90 for the past few weeks. No rain and it's dry, luckily low humidity but that's about to change. The muggies will be coming in June and last till October.

Monday, we celebrated Memorial day with a potluck at the clubhouse. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Kitchen help and the guys on the grill for hamburgers and brats.

Vern  is our oldest at 98 and was in WWII.

Lots of food

Lisa was the organizer

Ken was our entertainment on the piano.

We had a good time with some great food. We don't see many people in the summer months, it's too hot to get out, so it's fun to socialize.

Tuesday, we went to see a movie, A Dog's Journey. It's super good, just like the first one. Totally family movie and bring some tissue.

Every so often we get someone checking the lake and the canal in an airboat. You can't miss it since they make such a loud noise.

June is my birth month so I get all my medical done. I have appointments scattered all over the month. My physical is nothing like they used to do in the old days. They only listen to the heart and lungs. The rest is all done in blood work so two appointments for setting up what needs to be checked than back again for a "reading".  It's going to be a very busy month. Oh, and can't forget the eyes, that's in there too.

A couple things I've been working on for crafts. I made a napkin holder and tissue box from corks.

I'm also making can cozies for 4th of July.

We  had visitors walking down the road this week.  It's been awhile since I've seen the Sandhill Cranes

See ya next week.


Phyllis said...

Like those long-legged visitors. Unlike you, we have no close neighbors. We felt the need to get to know more people here in Alabama. Just church members and a few people down the road. So we started going to the local senior center. It's open 8 to noon. They serve a hot meal at 11:30 for a donation of $1.25! Meeting people and cheap eating.

Sometimes it's good to be OLD.

Barb said...

Hi Dee -

The guy in the airboat had a clipboard - what are they checking for?

Your potluck was well attended. The food looked good and the cakes...beautiful. I wanted to see all there was to choose, but the "stars of the show" (food) needed a close-up.

Thank you to all the wonderful veterans!!