Saturday, May 25, 2019

Day Trip to Lake Placid

Auburndale, FL  (Hi  95  Lo 74)

 We have to put dates for fun days on the calendar so we "DO" it. Every time we want to go someplace we talk about it but if it's not on the calendar we usually don't do it. Lake Placid is a little town south of Sebring. It's known for it's murals on buildings. It's about an hour and 45 minutes if traffic allows it with no wrecks. US 27 can be a problem at times. We wanted to wait after the rush hour so started out at 9:30.

We went to the Chamber of Commerce which has a film about the town and the murals. They have brochures of neighboring towns and lots of info about things to see in Florida. We walked the town to see all 46 murals. It wasn't too hot and there was a breeze when we started out. It got hotter as time went on, but two and half hours later we had seen them all.  I have several pictures but not all of them. It's worth going to the town and see how big they are and so detailed.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

They have trash cans in all shapes and sizes but uniquely painted.

The school has all kinds of stand-up paintings along the fence.

To show how big the murals are, Jim is standing in front of  couple of them.

Here's a few of the other murals. The magazine you get from the chamber has each picture and in the mural are things to find. One had butterflies, another had a pacifier, etc. We didn't stay long with each picture, but fun to try to find each item.

Pictures on each wall of the two buildings.  This is left side building. 
This is the building next door to the right.

There's even a clown SCHOOL here.

The details are outstanding on these murals.

I loved the guy standing in the doorway.

This is my favorite.

The last one is across the road of  US 27, so you need to drive to it. It's along a big building and I couldn't get an angle to get the whole thing. It's detailed so much that the cattle's eyes follow you when you move. It's well worth the trip to see that alone .

There's also pictures of birds on some of the buildings all over town.

It was a great few hours. It was quiet with the snowbirds not here. They say it can get quite crowded during the winter. If you're in central Florida, look up Lake Placid you'll be glad you did.

The rest of the week was a normal week around here. We're trying to stay cool, at least the humidity isn't high yet.

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