Saturday, May 18, 2019

Movie - Concert- Luncheon - Alligators

Auburndale, FL (Hi 88  Lo  65)

I didn't do anything on the weekend. Since it was Mother's day I just crocheted. Jim made a great breakfast and dinner so I didn't even get up to do that. It was wonderful, thanks to my hubby.

Monday I volunteered at Hospice. I'm working on computer for the next few weeks. I also visit when there's a family that needs some relief. I take a basket of goodies around for those that stay with a loved one.

Tuesday three of us went to the movie POM. If you want to see something funny and really good for the "older set", this is the movie to see. Get a few girlfriends and check it out. I think we'll start a cheer leading group at the park. (Click on pictures to enlarge)

Tuesday night Jim and I went to Rocktopia. It's a concert with classical and rock music and they combine them. It's awesome and well worth seeing.

The school kids helped with a couple songs.

The lady with the violin played every song. She's so amazing.

Wednesday the luncheon for the park was at Millers Ale House at Champions Gate. We had 22 attend. It's a once a month luncheon and we always have a good time. 

After the luncheon three of us decided to check out a winery. True Blue Winery in Davenport.

 We bought some bottles and will go back for lunch sometime, they have some good sounding sandwiches and pizza. They have a gorgeous light fixture.

Besides being busy, there's other things going on this week. We had our bug service done and they noticed under the house the vapor barrier was coming down so they're going to attach it next week. There's just as many repairs to do in a house as there is for an RV.  It was also time for the monthly massage and chiropractor maintenance.

As for the fun by the canal.  We think this is mamma,

This is one of the babies, there's two of them. They're about three feet long. What a fun time watching them. Mary Lou is further down from me and can get great pictures. Thank you Mary Lou.

We're keeping up with hockey playoffs. There for awhile we thought both our favorite teams would be playing each other. The St. Louis Blues and the Carolina Hurricanes. The canes lost, but the Blues are still in it.

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