Saturday, May 11, 2019

Cinco De Mayo - RV Visitors - House Attention

Auburndale, FL (Hi 88  Lo  72)

We're starting the summer rains and storms. It's not everyday yet, but some of the storms can have heavy rain and lots of lightning. It seldom rains during the winter, so we need it.

Saturday was Cinco De Mayo and a great taco lunch at the clubhouse. One hundred people were served.

We're starting our yearly physicals and dentist appointments this week. It's easier to get appointments with the northerners going back home. I have a root canal coming up the end of June and Jim's cleaning was this week. Along with the normal shuffleboard, darts and working at the hospice we stayed busy this week.

Wednesday we had a special visit. Mike and Terri stopped by. They are fulltimers and we try to keep up with them.  They were looking for an RV park  for next winter to stay in Florida. We went out to eat and visited awhile then they had to get back to Georgia to the RV.  They will be here in November so we'll have some fun this winter.

In Florida, maybe other places, we have love bugs. There's two bugs together that fly everywhere very slowly. There's a lot this year and it makes the car windshields and cars a mess. You have to get them off the paint or it ruins it. Mike said they even had to stop along the way to get them off the windshield.

It lasts about a month. They'll be back in November.

We've had some fun watching birds in the back yard. This little blue heron is like a teenager, he/she is on her own looking for food. First time we've seen one this small.

I saw this buzzard fly in and he drug out a gar fish from the canal and ate a lot of it. Then he threw it back in the canal just as three more buzzards came to join him.

They never did get the fish back out and they didn't go down to eat it. Not sure why.

Every few months we have to get the house power washed. It gets plastered with blind mosquitoes and they cling to anything white.

One of the gals in the park made this afghan for Hospice. It's gorgeous.

And while I'm showing crocheting, I finished a quick football keychain that I'm selling at the craft fair in November. I plan on making quite a few.

I'll finish off this week with my summer hair cut.  No mess or fuss.

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