Saturday, May 4, 2019

Surprise Birthday Party - Movie Avengers End Game

Auburndale, FL (Hi 86  Lo 72)

Sunday,  we had a surprise birthday party in the community. Bill Stock was 80 years old and the family stayed with another friend for a few days. He never caught on.  It was great having the whole community keep a secret.

Family members

Bill getting hugs and hand shakes
I wish I took more pictures but actually I forgot.

Monday I worked on crocheting and sorting out all my yarn. I just don't think I'll crochet with yarn for quite awhile so I put each color in a tub and found a gal that's glad to have it for making several things.

Tuesday was back to shuffleboard, then worked at hospice for three hours. Every time I go I learn more about the care. If I need help with Jim or he needs help with me, that's the first place we'll go.

Wednesday was the  the morning coffee at the clubhouse, which has less people now that the northerners are going home. I played hand and foot card game in the afternoon and we watched the previous Avengers  Infinity Wars movie on TV so we knew what was going on for the new Avengers the Endgame movie that we went to see on Thursday. Both movies were really good. We were very glad we saw the last one or we would have been lost. It's a long movie and about the time you think it's over, it continued. After the movie we had dinner then I played cards with a few gals.

Friday we had to get groceries. We were running out of everything we use daily.  I went to hospice at 1:00. It was a lot busier then a normal for a  Friday. There were a lot of visitors this time. After I got home I chilled out. Now to get dates and ready for next week.

We had a rabbit in the front yard this morning.

In the back yard we had the resident alligator. This one is the bigger one we see a lot.

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