Wednesday, March 6, 2019

2019 Caribbean Cruise and Resort Day 5 Final

It was another early morning. Neither of us slept very much, not sure why but we're getting tired and ready for a later morning sleep.  (CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE).

We had a nice breakfast and then went to a waiting area to disembark the ship. Our bus was to arrive at 9:00 but didn't get there till about 9:30. I think we were all ready to leave.

We had a nice trip back and all the moving to and from the ship the immigration and customs was smooth. We were ok with the week, it wasn't perfect and it would have been a lot better to have an ocean view and sit on a balcony but we did well with being with people from the community. It was a  great group of people. Lots of laughing and kidding around. Thank you Charlie for the trip. Would we do it again, probably not the all inclusive resort, but we can't wait till our next cruise. It's for younger people that like the sun, sand and lots of drinking.

When we got home we put the suitcases in the house and took off for some groceries. The next post will be Saturday. We have a very busy week ahead so all the details will be written in the blog.

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