Tuesday, March 5, 2019

2019 Caribbean Cruise and Resort Day 4

Our last day at the resort. I took several more pictures of the area. (CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE).
They have a couple areas with solar panels. This one is to heat the water. Another one is for the electric it was across the compound.

The next pictures are from our second floor going to the main office building.

In-between the building.

We got up early to get breakfast and be ready to take the vans back to the ship. Another few hours of waiting. We had to be out of our rooms so we waited in the same area of where we came in on Tuesday.  Looks like we're already to go.

While we were waiting, the next group of people were coming in for their few days at the resort. They give you a free drink when you come in the door.

 I wanted a rum cake so I went to the little store to get it.

While we waited for the vans we signed out and was just visiting. We were just going to get in a van the store lady was asking for Walter. She showed us the receipt for the cake and we about had a heart attack. It cost $2,019. 60 instead of the 20.16. I went back to the store with her to do the credit.

In the meantime, everyone else was on the way to the ship. We had our own driver to the ship and when we got there the rest of the group was standing in line, they didn't even know we weren't there.
The view of our ship, Grand Celebration.

Once on the ship we had to wait again for our room. So I took pictures of the area.
The buffet for lunch. Good food.
This boat takes people back and forth from the USA to the Freeport for $91 one way. It seems it's for people that go back and forth a lot, mainly for locals to get to the USA and back.

There's a lot of freight coming and going thru the port.

Once in our room and settled in we took in some fun watching some of our group in a game. It's flip the bottle. They had to flip a bottle of water on the table right side up. They actually did it twice.  There were two groups.

Linda and Sandi watching the game.

At 5:00 we had a cocktail party for our group.

On the island I had been drinking Bahama Mama , which I could have three or four without any side effects. I had ONE on the ship and it made me spacey right away. The difference in drinks and where you get them can be quite a difference.

At 5:30 the ship pulled out on the way home.

We had dinner in the same area as we had before.  They are celebrating the waiters walking around the dining area.

At 9:30 we went to the evening show. The theme was circus.

These two men showed strength. Amazing

And rope movements.

This juggler was great and he had a mask on top of his head which made it creepy.

The whole entertainment group.

The last night of the cruise/resort. Tomorrow morning we leave.

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