Monday, March 4, 2019

2019 Caribbean Cruise and Resort Day 3

No hurry to get up except to have breakfast before they closed. We slept fairly well, but exhaustion can do that to you.  We ate breakfast with some of our group but had nothing planned for the day. It was cloudy but less wind.

Linda and I decided to walk the beach. Linda talking to Jerry. He was just standing in the water, yep, he came back with a sunburn. (CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE).

The canoe rental

Scuba divers

Looking back at the resort.

A little restaurant along the way.

A destroyed church by hurricane with three crosses.

Big beautiful houses further down the beach.

We walked a couple miles. When we got back by the pool they were learning a dance.

Several of our group were by the pool, Carol and Jim taking in some sun.

This lady was looking for hair to braid.

These were hard to get, have to get up early to get a spot.

The white building is a kids place to play, during spring break, which starts this week, it becomes a hospital.

A guy learning the trapeze.

We were one of the lucky ones to get a reservation at the free specialty restaurants. We went to a pasta place, there's also two others, one next door was steak and lobster.

Sandi, Linda and Jim

More of our group.

The evening shows start at 9:30. Tonight's was Lion King. It's not Vegas quality, but for the this island it was pretty good and the songs and costumes were great. The lighting on the singers were the only real downside, makes it hard to take photos.

The kids on the island.

We had a great time today just passing time. We got to know our neighbors better and we're all ready to go back home.

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