Sunday, March 3, 2019

2019 Caribbean and Resort Day 2

We had to be up by 7:00 to get breakfast and be ready for several vans instead of a bus to go the 12+ miles to the resort in Freeport. The luggage was loaded and 4 to 6 people would take a van. It's a way for the people to have jobs on the island. There's a lot of damage still on the island from hurricanes. There were a lot of trees down and buildings still in disrepair.

When we got to the resort we learned our rooms wouldn't be ready till 3:00 and we arrived at 9am. The big suitcases were put in another room and most of us had carryons that we didn't want to leave. There was a large area to sit and wait but most of us walked around to check to see what was available and walk on the beach.

There were no sports of any kind going on because of high winds. The all inclusive means everything is free, you pay ahead of time. Drinks are free, the snorkel, scuba diving, trapeze, plus many other water sports. They even have a fun thing of swimming with the pigs.

We sat on the beach awhile to spend some time. The water is a gorgeous turquoise.

There's a beach cafe with several items to choose from to eat between the times the buffet is open or eat there instead.

There's a poster of drinks you can choose from beside the bar.

We ate at the buffet which was pretty good. One of the waitresses was very thankful to be working. She said the employment is low and they were lucky to be working.

We sat around waiting and visiting with our group.

 At 3:00 we were able to get in our room. We were all suppose to have ocean views, but a lot of us didn't. This is our view from our room.

The other side of the long building we were staying.

This is the front of the building we're on the right side.

Our building is the last one before you go on down the beach.
This is the view from another room. It's not an ocean view for sure.

This is another addition to yesterday's experience at lunch for us. Jim was getting his food while I was sitting at the table. A good looking guy comes up and asks to sit down. I told him my hubby was getting his meal and was a little apprehensive, but he sat down anyway then I noticed the name tag. He was an employee. Found out even in the resort, like the ship, he was required to eat with guests in the resort. We learned a lot from him on jobs and what he does with time off and how much they work. He was an entertainer along with a lot of other things he does to keep things going, his favorite was teaching archery. He also helped with the shows and the trapeze area.
This is Samuel while he was in the show that night.

The full show at night was music from around the world. It was very good with neat costumes of each country or area they were representing.

We have wifi in the office area and the bar area so we caught up on emails then went to bed.

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