Friday, March 1, 2019

Special 80th Birthday Party - 2019 Caribbean Cruise and Resort Day 1

We started the week with a special 80th surprise birthday party for Donna. She's been in the community for a long time and everyone knows her. Her family came in from Indiana without her knowing it and scheduled a party for her to include all her friends.

Donna is the one covering her face. Her family is around her. It truly was a surprise.


Everyone gathered at the clubhouse by 7:30 and boarded the bus at 8:00 for our three hour trip to West Palm beach port. We arrived in time for lunch and had to wait to get into our room at 3:00. We had lunch and visited with the group or roamed the ship. This ship (Grand Celebration)  holds 1900 passengers a lot smaller then the last cruise in November at 6500. There were no people waiting for elevators or to eat.
Our meals were served in the buffet.

Views from the port

Big Yacht was in for repair or overhaul.

Here are views of the inside of the ship.
My favorite pastime in the islands, listening to the steel drums.

We received free drink coupons and found Jerry and Judy already there.

Jim checking out the game room.

While we waited to get into our rooms we signed up for a wine tasting. They had 12 wines, but all dry which most of us didn't want or like. It was an interesting tasting. There was a big poster telling about wine and what to eat with them like red meats, fish or other delights.   They were all very expensive $39 a bottle.  It was neat doing the tasting, I didn't have to pay and realize I didn't like them and wasting money.

This area is for photos taken around the ship of individuals.


Casino which is bigger then this but just wanted to give a sample of the room.
The muster which is required before every cruise.

Top deck. It was really windy so we didn't stay long. There's a story that goes along with this deck. I was standing alone and a guy came up to talk then Jim joined us. He was an employee and they're required to talk to the passengers. He was really interesting and is one of the entertainers, but does a lot on the ship. He wore a badge and that's very important for a later story on another day.

Pulling away from the dock.

Looking to the pool area from the top deck.

Charlie our cruise guide was taking pictures of entertainers to welcome us on board.

This ship is an older Carnival ship refurbished. There's still only one plug in the room, but we had an extension cord with 3 outlets so we did fine.

Of course pulling out there's always a pilot boat and guards.

Lots of little boats around.

There goes the USA for a few days.

The long hallway from our room to the other end of the ship.

We met everyone for dinner in a special section. These are our tables of the people from our park and some others for the cruise. I don't know a lot of them they aren't all from our park.

The usual plate carriers by the wait staff. I would never be that strong to carry so many plates with food.

We had time after dinner and before the main show to watch another entertainment gal, singing Tina Turner songs. There was also a session they taught Latin dancing.

The main show was entertaining. Lots of singing and dancing.

We had a rough night with rocking and rolling with waves. A lot of people were sick, but we did ok. It was interesting walking the halls, and the entertainers took extra steps in their dancing routines.

Stay tuned for Day 2

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