Saturday, February 2, 2019

LJL Dance - Okeechobee -

Auburndale, FL (Hi 75  Lo 63)                Group chat 9:00 eastern time to 11:30

The weather is getting warmer and we shouldn't have any more cold weather in the 40's. It was a nice change and I never did get out the heavy coat, so that's good.

Saturday was the Lake Juliana Landings dance. We had seen Crystal Gage in Avon park when we were in the RV. She's now married with twin girls. Her husband Ryan was very good on the fiddle. Youtube  has a sample of what they sound like but I also got videos and pictures.  (Click on the blue links)  We had 175 at the party and everyone seemed to have a great time. The time was after 9:00 when people started leaving, that's a good sign. (Click on photos to enlarge).

Sunday I went to Okeechobee to see my sister Doris and hubby Herm. It was just a quick over night  to  catch up on life. It was nasty weather so we didn't do what we planned but the visit was great and we got a lot discussed. I came home later on Monday night.

Tuesday, I had an acupuncture appointment. I learned about it on the cruise last month and wanted to continue from someone in the area so after calling around and checking Google I chose a gal that was taught the Eastern way. She wasn't anything like the one on the ship, but she found out real quick  you don't stick me with needles where I feel them. I about went thru the roof with the first needle. She replaced it with the finer type and we were friends again. I'll go back every month at some point. We have some areas to work on and I have no headache since this session.

The rest of the week was back working on the resident directory. I had a few gals get together to verify what I had typed and what was written out from the residents. I'm glad I did there were a few problems. I do want it perfect as much as possible.

Tonight is more fun but I'll post that next week.

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