Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 3

This morning we decided to try the main dining room for breakfast. The dining room is separated in two sections one for catering and the other is buffet. We ate at the catering section with a full menu.

When done with breakfast we went to deck 15 to walk around the full deck walking course. There were a lot of walkers.

We tried a selfie, we need some more practice to get it right.

We spent couple of hours to watch the flow riders for part of the morning. I saw a seminar on acupuncture and wanted to hear something about it. So at 3:30 we went to see what it was all about. The spa is huge and really pretty. There's a full gym, plenty of facials, full spa of things I've never heard of. There were a lot of people in there later after this picture was taken.

I ended up signing up for five sessions with a gal from London that trained in Asia for acupuncture. I was already doing great after the first session. I'm mainly working on pain from the knees.

There's a robot drink maker that makes drinks for a list you pick from. It's amazing watching it, but we heard it's not always right.  Drinks can come out tasting kinda funky, yep we still need the bartenders to do it right.

More viewing areas of things on the ship.

Looking up from deck 6 to the water slide on deck 15.

Today's lunch was all veggies and fruits, but so far so good with keeping with diet.

The elephant was the character tonight.

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