Monday, November 26, 2018

Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 2

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We started the morning at the Windjammer dining room because of so many items to choose from. It's hot and it was good. We didn't over indulge, it's the first full day. The decorations on the walls are really neat. This is our favorite.
This is the cards placed on tables with the servers names, there's two people to a table. I like our guys name "I". He was our breakfast server for this morning.

I learned from the last cruise in January 2017 that it was fun to watch people learn to surf in the Flow Rider. They also have surf board without standing. It's all located on the back of the ship.

When they go down they go quickly.

I love sitting for hours watching them. The beginners are so good by the end of the cruise. That's where I spent a lot of the extra hours while we were at sea.

We went exploring more decks.

On deck 16 there's a section for only adults. I didn't get a picture of the inside of this cabana. There's a few on the deck but we didn't find one when we wanted to sit in it.

This is a really neat miniature golf area.

Jim went to a seminar to learn to make martinis.

 I went to the the sexist man contest by the pool. The place was packed and we had few good laughs. There were three gals that would judge how the guys would walk in front them "the sexiest".  If they didn't like the guy they'd shove him in the pool. It was so much fun to watch.

We both went on the balcony to watch the ocean for about an hour.
No waves all week

At 4:30 or 5:00 every night we went to specific bar to drink our one drink of the day. Jim loves "Old Fashioned" and I had the Tequila Sunrise. The gal we found makes drinks strong and she was fun to talk to, so we stopped everyday.

This bar has line dancing classes, but this is Salsa. It looked easy but we had to get to dinner and didn't do the class.

The show today was an ice show. This guy could do wonders with a steel hoop.

This is our cute little towel character of the week. Every night there's some character on the bed with the next days schedule of events.
 Only complaint is food is cold at dinner. Our whole table is putting in a complaint.

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