Thursday, November 29, 2018

Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 5 San Juan, Puerto Rico

This trip has been so smooth sailing.  We arrived in Puerto Rico by  6.30am.  We had breakfast then went to the gangway to exit for our excursion of the island. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Our driver was very informative about the island. This is the capital and it's in marble.

On one street there are statues of the USA Presidents. Eisenhower is Jim's favorite.

There's a fort that's on the north side and it's huge. I wish we could have spent more time roaming the area.

Local cemetery

I love the windows.

There's several statues on the island.

Puerto Rico has condos that are built close together and very high. There was damage from Irma on the island and there's part of it still with no electric or water after a year. The tour guide said about 22,000 people have left the island mainly those that were elderly and with kids and moved to Florida. It will still be a long time till full infrastructure will be in place.

We stopped in a very small area that had iguanas. They like top of trees to be in the sun. There was also a big fish swimming in the water below them. I don't have great pictures but had to add them.

Other views of Puerto Rico

Street vendors where we stopped for some food of the locals.

Other vendors, the beer Medalla is good.

More views

Other ships in port

We got back to the ship about 3:30 so we had time for our evening drink, and get ready for dinner. They still have formal nights, but it's not mandatory. It was lobster for dinner so I was in heaven.

On every cruise we love our waiters. This cruise is no different. Agus, from Bali,  was very good in getting what we needed. I asked for special meals with no salt. I'd order the night before and it was great to have meals just made for me.
Here's Agus behind me. He's away from his wife and two boys eight months at a time. He works seven days a week with no breaks. There's very few Americans that will work those hours.

We're practicing selfies.

We went to the evening musical show 1887 Columbus.  It was a spoof on Christopher Columbus cousin Marvin. It was very good. The entertainers have been great on all the shows we've seen.

Our meals have been barely warm at the beginning and after complaining they're now hotter. We received chocolate covered strawberries for a "peace offering".   They were very good. The little character was so cute. I used it for the remote holder.

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