Friday, November 30, 2018

Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 6 Labadee

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Last night was the first time we had a little rolling. It's nothing like former trips with big waves and you move a lot. This ship has more stabilizers I'm sure. At least the last couple nights we're sleeping really well.

The ship arrived at 9am in Labadee. It's a portion of the island that is owned by Royal Caribbean.  We thought we'd stay on the ship and take advantage of the more quiet time. We wouldn't have long lines and could get in the cabanas. It didn't happen that way. It was foggy and rainy so we weren't sure what the day would bring.

We decided to go see what was going on and also wanted to see a couple of our friends go on the zip line. It's a long one from the mountain top to the beach.

Shirley and Art

Labadee would have been a lot of fun if it hadn't rained. It was just misty at first then a full rain which everyone got drenched. Some went back to the ship right away, but we waited for the rain to subside a bit. We did get some pictures before going back. We also had lunch which was very good.
Local area dancers

The starting point of the zip line is on top of the mountain.

This is painted on the sidewalk

When we got back on the ship it quit raining awhile so here's more views.

We sat on the balcony till time to go to dinner. I took pictures of our table companions.
Raymond and Penny

Nellie is from another park but she's a friend of Charlie so she sat with us.

Ed and Barb

The show for the night was another water show but in a few minutes it started raining. We didn't think it was very good so we left.

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