Friday, November 23, 2018

Craft Fairs - Activities - Thanksgiving - Super Great Movie

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 79  Lo 65)

Craft fairs are popping up everywhere, it's the season. I'm glad I had ours the first week of November. Saturday a couple gals went with me to two different fairs. I like to see what people are making and also to pass out cards for our craft fair next year. It takes all year to meet with vendors in different areas and invite them before they schedule other shows. We have cheaper tables and it's indoors which a lot of them are outside. There's a lot of jewelry and little pocket purses or credit card holders made with material. They look quilted.   (Click on the pictures to enlarge).
Downtown Winter Haven at the park.

These are made from tires. First time I've seen this done.

The second week of every month is busy with "pass the time fun". I play a dominoes game called spinners, there's darts every Monday, chicken foot dominoes every Tuesday and Jim has pool poker in the afternoon. We had a birthday party for Diane B Tuesday night.

Wednesday,  I went with several gals to IHOP for green pancakes, even though most of us didn't get them.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. We left early to go to my sister's, Doris and hubby Herm,  in Okeechobee. The day was overcast but 75 degrees and a great day for a big dinner and some walking in the area. We went down to the lake, it's very low and it will only get lower this time of year. We seldom get rain in the winter.

Birds are everywhere.

Herm cutting up the turkey.

My sisters dog, Carley loves Jim. Every time he sits down she's in his lap.

Buzzards like this tree. We were sitting outside and wondering if they were waiting for us to kick the bucket.

We left Okeechobee about 4:15 and got home after 6:30. It gets dark early, but we hated to cut the day short.

Instead of pacing the floor after we got packed for the cruise we decided on seeing a movie, Bohemian Rhapsody. This is a super great movie, especially if you like the music from Queen. We give it a two thumbs up.

Friday night was another basketball game. They won so that's two wins 4 losses.

I'll end this one with this sunset. We're going on a cruise tomorrow, Sunday. I'm going to post daily if at all possible. If not I'll post when I can during the week.

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