Friday, September 21, 2018

Ladies Luncheon - Birthdays - More Eating

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 94  Lo 75)

The third week of the month is always busy. A group of us play a domino type game called spinners. We have snacks and do lots of laughing. It's one of my highlights of the month. I can't wait till next month.

The third Wednesday we have community ladies luncheon. It changes locations monthly, where ever they can take 30 plus people at one time. There's a new restaurant called Ford's Garage in Lakeland right off  I 4 that was chosen for this month. It's built like a garage and the food is great. There were 32 of us and filled up with many more while we were there, so it's going to be a popular place. (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)
A Ford display outside.

Sandi, Linda and Donna going in the door.

This Ford was above our table and the wheels were turning.

It's really hard getting everyone facing the same way, but this is a group picture.

Of course I have to post the BBQ I had. They even brand the name on the bun.

This week was also birthday week for a couple gals,
Joyce and Cindy

Charlotte, Kathy and Donna

They were cutting the cake like a married couple.
Cindy and Joyce

Besides the luncheon we got a few gals together and went to Lavendar 'N Lace Tea restaurant. We wanted to just have some fun before the crowds hit and we can't get reservations.

The area outside is so pretty, lots of plants.

Inside the restaurant.

Our group, Joyce, Shirley, Donna, Cindy, Peggy, Mary Lou, Linda, Sandi

I had quiche, very good. There's several types of sandwiches and salads.

A store next door has all kinds of tea sets.

We had a storm come up just as we got home. It's been a very busy week. It won't be long the northerners will be strolling in. There's lots of houses for sale this year and several for rent. They sell fast so if you're interested come on down.
Favorite sunset this week.

Tomorrow is Jim's birthday, I'll have a post on that next week.

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