Friday, September 28, 2018

Jim's Birthday - Movie

Auburndale, FL (Hi  94  Lo  75)

It's still hot daily, temperatures have been in the 90's all but one day this month and that temp was 89. We still have at least another month before it cools to the 80's. There's a few things we want to get done outside, but it has to wait.

Saturday was Jim's birthday. He waited all day to get his steak.  We went to Texas Roadhouse this time for his 20 oz ribeye.  He ate the whole thing.  He's picked that restaurant for his yearly steak dinner.

We haven't been to a movie in quite awhile and we both wanted to see Peppermint, with my favorite actress Jennifer Garner. It's violent, but very good movie. We give it two thumbs up but not for little ones.

This is one of those weeks that nothing but the normal activities are going on. We're seeing a few of the northerners coming back and a few more people are fishing early mornings and evenings, before the mosquitoes come take you away.  This guy was fishing in our canal.

The canal was pretty clear at the beginning of the week, but by the end of the week it's looking bad again. It's hard for a boat to get in it until we get some wind and rain.

While I was coming home from darts, the moon was just above the street lights. I thought it was a cool picture.

It wasn't a lot going on this week. See you next week.


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