Saturday, July 14, 2018

Special Visitors - Andy's Memorial

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 94  Lo 74)

We had special visitors, Jessica and Tyler,  on Sunday and Monday from North Carolina. I worked for their parents before we went fulltime in an RV. It was one  of two best jobs I ever worked and I was very close to the younger children. We still stay in contact and I see them when we go to Raleigh. (Click pictures to enlarge).
Jessica and Tyler

They were on vacation and we're between Tampa and Orlando where they wanted to spend some time. It made sense to be a bed and breakfast for them. Tyler is traveling the country in his car and told us all about his travels and showed pictures. We showed him our pictures of travels that he wants to still do. We had a very enjoyable time and hope they stop again when in Florida.

They brought a gorgeous orchid. I hope I don't let it die, I know NOT to move it once it's settled in a spot that it will grow.

Friday was Jim's cousin's memorial, Andy Simpkins. We went to the National Cemetery in Titusville for the memorial. Then back to the son's house for get together and some lunch. The whole experience was outstanding. It's an option for us when the time comes. Here's a few pictures.

The Marines open the flag while another Marine plays taps. Then they refold the flag and present it to the family member. It's emotional. I took a full video if anyone is interested. Click here.

The rest of the week was normal routine. Darts, hand and foot card games and trying to stay cool. I finished the dinosaurs with the eggs and they're ready for the craft fair.

 A couple sunsets this week that were gorgeous.

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