Saturday, July 28, 2018

Sister Visiting - Basketball

Auburndale, Fl  (Hi 91  Lo  75)

This week started out with a visit from my sister, Doris. She's back in Florida from Missouri for five weeks and stopped on her way to her place in Okeechobee. Doris has a dog named Carley, part Border Collie and German Shepherd. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Walking the dog and dodging rain and storms was part of the visit. It rains/storms everyday. Jim also walked Carley, in the rain. Doris left on Wednesday morning. I'll be going to her place in a couple weeks.

 I crocheted most of the time if I wasn't playing games. I also made a fish in a bowl that's trending for crafts.

Friday evening we went to a meet and greet with Mary from the Lakeland Magic basketball team. Lakeland Magic is the G-league of the Orlando Magic basketball team. Mary takes care of season ticket holders and we bought them again this year. She's going to help get us extra tickets when the kids come to visit. We stayed a few minutes talking to her then went to Andrea's restaurant for dinner. We were home in time to see Jim's Cardinal baseball game on TV.
Mary and Jim

Jim, Mary, Dee

Group of tickets holders for Lakeland Magic.

Shelly Wilkes is the president of the Lakeland Magic team.

It's great seeing so many women in the higher ranks of sports.

A lake across I 4 had a great view of balloons going in the air. Tammy that lives in the RV park took this picture.

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