Saturday, May 26, 2018

Day Trip - Special Church - Birthdays

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 78    Lo 71)

I love day trips. Saturday we went 2 1/2 hours east to Jupiter for lunch. My nephew, Dave and wife Tina came down from Michigan for a class reunion. It's been a couple years since we've seen them so we made the trip. It rained, it poured and we hydroplaned but we made it there and back.  (Click on pictures to enlarge).

Jim, Dee, Tina, Dave

While we were in the area we made our way to Palm Beach Gardens to see the church where we were married. There's a lot more homes around and it's changed a lot but we found it.

This is in 1970

This is today.

We also had to wait for a bridge to close letting out a boat with high sails. It's common to have a bridge open at many of the busy roads. That brings back memories of being late to work some mornings when we lived here.

Sunday night Jim went to the tribute band of Fleetwood Mac. He said it was really good. He didn't get pictures.

Monday was my yearly physical. I actually saw the doctor not the PA. Nothing new and he ordered a bunch of blood tests so need to go back to get the results later in June. The vampire took five viles of blood so hopefully it will all be normal.  Jim and I have both taken up darts and playing on Monday nights.

Tuesday was shuffleboard which we're down to eight players and not the 22 we have in the winter. I also went to a birthday party for a couple gals, Shirley and Mary Lou.

That's another week in our lives. We find things to do and places to go. Next week is planned with more activities.

I'll leave you with one of our sunsets.

We may have our first tropical storm this week. It's beginning the hurricane season.

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