Friday, April 13, 2018

Storms - Hitch Itch Scratched

Modoc, SC  (Hi  83  Lo 55)

This week started with a couple severe storms. Lightning was crashing around us and very hard rains.  We were glad it didn't affect our trip to South Carolina on Wednesday morning.

We planned a trip to SC to see friends, Terri and Mike from our days of fulltime RV'ing. That's why the hitch itch in the title. That's when you're itching to get on the road and when you have a fifth wheel you hitch up. Everyone is starting to leave for the north and after six years leaving Fla I still want to go somewhere in April.

It was a rough trip getting to SC. We decided to go the toll road around Orlando which ended up in a 45 minute delay from a wreck. Traffic was heavy with trucks and a couple of them wanted our lane so we had to move quickly to the left. I'm so glad we had room. Lots of traffic on I 4 and on I 95. We were so glad to finally make it on a quieter road just before Savannah.

We got to the motel at 4:40 which ended up a 9 hour trip, we planned on 7 hours.  Terri and Mike met us at the hotel then we went out to eat. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Terri, Mike, Jim, Dee

In the last year they've got a new truck and RV. It's great looking and has all the comforts of home. A residential refrigerator, dishwasher and washer and dryer combo.

The view from the front door of Mike and Terri's RV. It's so quiet.
They're in Modoc, SC on Thurmond Lake. A few  pictures of the lake.

Winston dam visitor center.

This is rocks, but sure looks like petrified wood.

Day 2, Friday, we went to Augusta to see how much we could see of the Augusta National Golf Club. All you can see is lots of trees or bushes and lots of closed gates. We did get to see the entry from the main highway but that's it.

 We also went to see the Augusta Museum of History.

Does any of these items look familiar?

Cotton Gin

Hearst used to the early 1900's

Radio station in the early 1960's

We went on the river walk. It was so pretty.

Train tracks go thru town.

Looking behind us from the river.

Flowers are blooming everywhere. The trees are just budding and a bright green. Spring has sprung around here.

We're leaving early Saturday morning trying to beat some severe storms coming into the area and we don't want to be traveling. It's been a wonderful week and we'll do something quite frequently now that we're not on the road. 

UPDATE: We made it back home by 3:30. There were a lot less trucks and traffic moved along fine till we got to Orlando. It's always slow around Orlando and the Disney area. We had great weather. We'll be planning more trips this year.  Stay tuned.


Mike and Terri said...

It sure was great seeing you two again. Our time together was way too short. Hope you have safe travels.

Nancy and Bill said...

Great to know that Mike and Terri are doing well. Beautiful rig guys!!! Augusta is a beautiful city and you picked a wonderful time of the year to visit!!

Phyllis said...

Yup.... storms headed up this way.

Nice pics too.

When are you headed north up I-65? We expect that visit.

Mark from Missouri said...

Nice you guys were able to get out for a trip Dee.

Your friend's new trailer is a nice one. I've toured that Vilano a couple times. The Kansas RV Center is big on them so you know it's a good full-timers trailer. Can't hurt that the Tiffins are building it. See they got three ACs on it also. I've contacted Vanleigh, the builders, of the Vilano a couple times. Believe they will be an RV gas/electric in it as well. But suppose your friend have been on the road a while now and decided the residential fridge would work for them

Sure which they still build the Carri Lite.


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