Saturday, April 7, 2018

Easter Dinner - New Dock

Auburndale, FL      Hi 84  Lo 67

It's a very windy day today with rain coming in tonight. There's white caps on the lake and wind from SW. The humidity is coming back with the heat. I'm sure not complaining, there's still snow in the north. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

We received our "W" decoration for the house. Now the outside is complete. The pavers are in place and the W is up to offset that plain area to the left of the windows.

Sunday was Easter dinner at the clubhouse. There were 100 people attending, the food was delicious and we had a good time visiting with people.

Our daughter in law put this picture on Facebook of the family.

Angie, Frank, Kendall and Kyle. Thanks Angie for posting.

We finally have a new dock after damage from hurricane Irma. The biggest hold up was finding people that could work on it. There was a lot of damage with docks in the state and not enough construction workers. It looks great. Here's a picture of the before and after.

People are slowly moving north. The Canadians are waiting till the last minute to meet their deadline to get back into Canada. It's been snowing and very cold this year.  Next week we will be traveling so there will be a lot to post.

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