Saturday, March 10, 2018

Basketball - Movie - Army Band

Auburndale, Fl   Hi 75  Lo 59)

Last Sunday we settled in for a nice day of relaxing. Jim has been working at the Detroit Tiger baseball spring training games directing traffic this month and some of the days are back to back. About 2:00 my phone sent an alert, it was for the Lakeland Magic basketball game which was at 3:00. I don't like missing games and there's very few left, so we took off for the game. I had put a nice chicken meal in the crockpot so when we got home it was ready to eat and we relaxed the rest of the evening. I'm so glad there's alarms for things going on, even if I check the calendar, I miss what's coming up. Old age?

It's been awhile since we've gone to a movie so Monday there wasn't anything planned so we went to the movie Game Night. It's very good and funny. We both give it thumbs up.

Wednesday we had a great time at the Army Field Band concert in Lakeland RP Funding Center. We've seen military bands before, this one was just as good. We like going and hope to go again. It's hard to know when they're in town, it's by word of mouth or in the paper. It's always free but you have to get tickets for it. It was a great night of entertainment with sell out.
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Friday night was family Feud at the clubhouse. They have several teams playing and the attendance was great. A lot of laughter and fun. The questions and answers were hilarious. Who said the seniors don't  have fun.

Tonight we change our clocks up an hour. I wish it would just stay the same. See you next week.

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