Monday, January 8, 2018

Mecum Auto Auction

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 76   Lo  55)

This is photo intensive. Click on photos to enlarge.

We have wanted to go to the Mecum Auto Auction for years, and this year we bought the tickets to see it. They come to Kissimmee every year. They have 3,000 cars at this show, it's the biggest event with Mecum throughout the year.  We have a very busy week so picked Monday to go. We didn't know it was the only day they didn't sell cars they sell "road art". We found out just what that meant when we got into the stadium.

This is a sample of the road art.

Remember these and they're selling for $2500

We sat in on the auction for awhile. There's a big screen that shows what is being sold and what the auctioneers are saying on the bid. They talk so fast, most of the time we have no idea what they're saying.

The stage. There's a couple people taking bids from people on  the computer. There's people everywhere watching for people that want to make a bid. It's very fast paced and organized. It has to be organized to sell 3,000 items (cars) in a weeks time. We were quite impressed. We want to go next year when they're selling cars.

Another item on the screen. They have numbers for each item and it's also on the website and a book they put out for every auction by day.

We did a lot of walking, in fact five and half miles of walking. This is just the first set of tents.

 There's all kinds of cars, little ones big ones average size and all in-between.

There are cars everywhere. The one problem,  a lot of people wouldn't be able to get in them. They're tiny!!!  Jim barely got in this one and even  harder to get out.

This one was just like my grandfather drove.

This is a golfcart. It had a bid price of $10,000 and sold for $11,000 when we checked online.

A couple of my favorites. I love the blue.

 Now I'm talking little cars. Neither of us could get in these cars. 
The 1968 Roadrunner is Jim's all time favorite. 
This is the bid ticket that's on each car. The day it's going on auction is in the left corner. The price for reserve or asking price is listed so you don't waste your time waiting for it to be put on the auction block and not be able to afford it. Lots of info about the item (car) is listed. 
Cars bid range from anywhere from $2,000 to Millions. The higher priced million dollar cars were sectioned off so you couldn't just sit in them. All other cars you could get in and check them out. If you were really serious about driving one, you got hold of one of the workers, start it up and drive it around. The rumbling of the motors could be heard all day. 

This is a 3 million dollar Ferrari. 

A sticker price for a Corvette. This is the listed price. 
I had a model that looked just like this one. 
This one was is nice looking car. 
Besides cars there were a few neat items that was for sale not for auction like bottles with lights. . 
This is so interesting, these characters move. 
There's also boats. Most of these had a bid well over $100,000 on up. 

If you want a brochure on a certain car, I'm sure they have it. 
In the higher priced car section was a TV screen showing some of the high end cars and their speeds. Jim was impressed with the TV. 
It was a day to remember and we'll be going back next year. 

Later in the week here's what two of the top price cars went for. 

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