Saturday, January 6, 2018

Cold Temperature - Movies

(Auburndale, FL)  Hi 56  Lo 33

It's our turn to get cold weather. We did some research on cold temperatures in Central Florida before we bought our place and noticed for some reason south of I 4 it's warmer then going even a few miles north. We're about 10 degrees different then towns north of us. It was a good choice. Our lowest so far is 30 degrees, still better then the lower temperatures north of us. Around here if there's cold days we suffer in restaurants, theaters, malls, and stadiums, no heat. The waitresses wear coats to serve.

We went to see the movie Darkest Hour about Churchhill. It was excellent. If you want to know a little bit about history on WWII it will give you insight on what he went through. It's great for the whole family. Two thumbs up.

We didn't get out much this week. We took down all the Christmas decorations before the rains and cold temperatures came. It's so dark and empty feeling without the lights. It won't take long to get use to but feels funny not shutting off all the lights before going to bed.

We have four movies in mind to see so the second one this week was Jumanji. If you've played video games and made an avatar for yourself, then considered being "IN" the game to play it, then this movie is perfect. You become your avatar and try to figure out all the clues. The movie is very entertaining and we both liked it, so thumbs up. It's good for the whole family.

Jim worked at the food bank on Friday morning. He said it's quite an experience and will do it again next time they need help. The people were so appreciative.

We ended the week going to Lakeland Magic basketball game. It's been awhile since we've gone to one.  It was really cold, again no heating.

This next week is going to be quite busy and we're doing things totally different than normal. Stay tuned.

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