Saturday, October 14, 2017

New Basketball Court - Movie - Okeechobee - New Sport

Auburndale, FL   (Hi  88  Lo  75)

Lakeland Center (RP Funding Center)  had an open house last weekend to sell seats for the G league of the Orlando Magic team. I'll be learning names and a little about each player before our first game in November. There's an average of three or four games a month till April. We're looking forward to going to the games. It's close, so we'll be home at a decent hour after every game. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)

The circle is where our season seats are located.

Big screen TV.

Jim's friends Allen and Ted came with us.

Our movie this week was BladeRunner 2049. We saw the original movie on TV the night before we went to get an idea for the new one. We both really liked it. It's set in the future and there's aspects of it that bring questions to mind. Two thumbs up. 

My sister, Doris and her hubby Herm, are back in Okeechobee for the winter so we went down to see them. They had a little damage from hurricane Irma so came early this year. The park has some damage and the lake has risen quite high.  The boat dock is impossible to get to.

Damage to the house next door to my sisters. They're pulling it out next week, it was totalled. 

Some other places with damage.

On the way back home we stopped to see our RV'ing friends Jessica and Harry. They just bought a home in Avon Park, where we parked our RV for five years. It was great catching up with them and their plans for future.

I took up a new sport this week. Darts!  I've seen it on TV a few times but never played or watched it in person. I did pretty good for the first time, so now it's a weekly thing to do. I've also signed up for line dancing to do this winter. 

There's lots of games we play around the park. Once a month we play knockers bingo. It's played with cards in groups of four people. It's fun and you have a chance to win money with each game.

This flag is next door to the clubhouse. It's so neat. All bats and balls.

The craft fair is next Saturday!  I'm starting to get real nervous. I put the final details together this week and will get a lot of help next Friday to get the clubhouse setup with 40 tables. I'm still making little dogs and things to sell, mainly to stay busy. I made a couple Scottish Terriers this week.

Next weeks blog will be after the craft fair, Sunday.

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