Saturday, September 30, 2017

Luncheon - Flower Arranging - Great BBQ Place - Movie

Auburndale, FL (Hi 90   Lo 75)

This week was the monthly gals luncheon from our community. We went to Hallback's Bar and Grill by the airport in Lakeland. I didn't even know we had an airport. It used to have Allegiance come in but they didn't get enough support so it's just corporate jets and private planes that come and go. Our view from our table.

The food wasn't as good as we expected and they weren't prepared to handle our big group even though our leader called them in advance. It's hard finding someplace to have that many people, but  we go some place different every month that I've been with this group.

Every month or so or on special holidays we have differnt flower decorations for the clubhouse. Jo is in charge and she's back at the park now so we met with her at the clubhouse to get the red, white and blue changed out from July to the fall colors and decorations. Jo has been trained for flower arrangements and does a wonderful job.

Jo to the left. I didn't realize the flowers we covering her. The other two ladies were helping with sorting the types of flowers she wanted.

It took a couple hours and the results were so pretty.

Linda is decorating the fireplace mantel.

While we were traveling we loved finding the hole in the wall type places to eat. We heard about Peebles BBQ ever since we arrived in the area. They're only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday and closed July and August. We had to go out today and it was on the way so we stopped.

I have to say, it measures up to our standards. It's really good BBQ and we now have a great place to go for lunches/dinners. It's really close too.

We also saw a movie this week. The American Assassin. It's a good movie, better then expected. We both give it a thumbs up. It's not for kids, but good plot and action.

We've noticed the sun is slowly moving south. The sun used to go down more to the north (right side in picture) now it's directly west. It will continue south when winter gets here. It's really pretty at times through the trees.

It's three weeks before the craft bazaar. I needed to get the display of what I have made and get it setup. I still need to do snowflakes  and a couple dog ornaments also need price tags. I'm almost ready. Now to get the word out by newspaper and online.

My latest is a couple goats. The mom and dad.

Follow along, it's going to be a busy next few weeks, then the snowbirds will start arriving.

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