Saturday, May 6, 2017

Symphony - Birthday Party - Cinco de Mayo Party


Auburndale, FL (Hi 80 Lo 59 --  We had some much needed rain Thursday night and it came with nice cool temperatures and lower humidity. It's refreshing, but it won't be long we won't get any cool air for months. Once the humidity is high everyday we'll get the daily rains.

Sunday, we went to the Florida Orchestra in St. Petersburg. I enjoy watching the players.  They're really good and they play their concerts in Tampa and Clearwater, along with St. Pete. We got a schedule for next year and we'll pick the best programs. (Click on pictures to enlarge).

There's plenty of birthday parties to go to in the park and this week it was for two ladies, Shirley and Mary Lou.

Sandy, Marie and Shirley were watching something, just what?

Baxter, the dog, which was watching them.

We had a wonderful chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.

Of course there were lots of goodies.

Donna and Joyce

Alice, Kathy, Donna

And keeping with with parties, another one was Cinco de Mayo on Friday. We had a few come by the pool for laughs and food.


Kathy, Donna, Diane, Shirley, Background right Judy, John, Mary Lou

George, Peggy, Jim

Skip, Marie, Sandi, Dan

George, Peggy, Jim

The other two were Linda and Jerry who were in the pool.

Other things that happened this week included this red headed woodpecker that stayed on our window screen watching us.

I made a couple dogs someone ordered, a Great Dane and Greyhound crochet critters.

This week was party week with lots of laughter and fun. I also got my blood work done for my physical coming up in a week. There's always something going on, if you look for it.

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