Saturday, April 29, 2017

Movie - Adelaide Shores - Scooter - Rummage Sale - Orchestra

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Auburndale, FL (Hi 97 Lo  73) --  Last Saturday, we went to see a The Case for Christ movie. We give it a thumbs up for a family movie. 

Monday, I spent the day in Adelaide Shores where we stayed six winters in Florida in the RV. We have friends there and a couple of them are crafters. I had questions on some of the crafts I wanted to do and we talked about the upcoming craft fair. With lots of laughs and a great lunch it was a great afternoon. I forgot to take pictures and both ladies are named Barb.  I went to another couple, Lee and Rosemary for a couple of hours visiting and talking about their plans for the summer. They were both in RV and sold it a couple years ago. I'll go down a few times a year to visit, it's only an hour. 

While I was there I picked up an electric scooter. It took a couple hours to learn it, but the only thing I still have trouble with is turning. It gets me to where I want to go and I love it. It's easier to park then a car and even a golf cart while in the park. Thank you Bill and Doris for the opportunity to get it. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

A couple days this week three of us went to a church to help out with the rummage sale they're having this weekend. We hung clothes on hangers and sorted baby clothes. We stayed a couple hours but I took pictures at the beginning and the end when we went back after they opened for business. A lot of work went into it.  


I hope they do well with sales. The money is going to teens for a mission trip. 

I went to lunch with a group of 22 from the park downtown Lakeland. They have a park that has some interesting statues. 

Notice the figures in the trees in the background. 

I love this one. I can't imagine how that stays in place with high winds. 

We went to Harry's Seafood Bar and Grille which has Louisiana food. It was great meeting more of the community. We visited and got to know each other.

I got my monthly massage and chiropractor treatment this week. I also played shuffleboard and had my first HOA board meeting. I'm glad to be on the board and help when I can.  It's important to the community.

Jim went to Tampa for the orchestra concert on Friday night. In Jim's words "Gettin' me some culture at a Florida Orchestra concert in Tampa. Surprisingly good orchestra, considering this state is basically a cultural wasteland."

That's another week. See you next Saturday. 

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