Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ikea - Bunco - Movie


Auburndale, FL (Hi 91  Lo 68)

The highlight this week was going to Ikea in Tampa. I had heard it's a store you can't miss and if you want something it will be there. It's a combination of lots of stores on steroid.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

I was specifically looking for kitchen cupboards  I saw a couple  I really like.

A lazy susan that turns and fits in corners. A must have.

Living room couches. There's so many of them.

Now this table is interesting. It folds down to just the center section.

But if you need a bigger table it all comes up to seat four or six people. It would be great for quilt makers with sewing machine on one side and drawers for sewing notions.

If I had a place to put it, I'd get the shelves on the right. It would be perfect for my yarn and thread for crocheting.

Lighting is everywhere and this one is unique. It looks like a Kleenex thrown in the air then glued together.

At noon we went to the restaurant.

Marie, Kathy and Donna went with me. 

If there's something you want you have a pencil and card when you first go in door along with a cart. There's lots of little things you can put in a cart, but the bigger items you can get from shelves (with help if needed) on the way out.

I felt like I was in the Amazon warehouse building.  Each of us had a couple small items but nothing major. I'll go back with Jim at some point and get a few items I want him to see the place. It was a great day and you need the whole day just to walk it. There's arrows on the floor showing which directions to go.

Monday and Tuesday night was Bunco. A dice game and with everyone  headed north they need several subs. I was a sub both nights, but it also gave me time to be with people I didn't know. One of the snacks was dirt cake with worms. It's so good.

I've finally finished my project of birds in tower of nests for the craft fair. I need white lights behind them but it's ready to go. There's a butterfly on top and bumblebee on the right.

A friend ordered an orchid. I made a mini orchard so it fit in the little pots. I think I'll add flowers to the craft fair. Anyone else have ideas for the craft fair, send me an email.

Friday we went to an early movie, The Guardians of the Galaxy II.  We watched the first movie on Thursday night so we would have details in our minds. This one today was even better. There were only six of us in the theater watching it. We both give it thumbs up.

I got up one morning just in time to see the full moon setting. That's different, the sun up in east and moon in the west at same time.

I hope you have a wonderful week.


Laurel Owen said...

Love IKEA, especially the meatballs :) Can't fit anything of theirs in the RV, but love all the organization items they have.

Phyllis said...

My daughter who lives in MD always gets her furniture at IKEA. She does not have central A/C in her house. On real hot days she takes her young daughters to IKEA. They have a supervised play room where kids can be left for an hour. The kids play, she wanders around, then they all go the the restaurant there for lunch.

Barb in Winter Haven said...

I meet my friend at the IKEA in Orlando. Half way for both of us. She comes from Daytona. Wouldn't the Orlando IKEA be closer for you? It's over by the Mall of Millenia