Saturday, December 24, 2016

Visit with RV'ers - Movie

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 85 Lo 66 -- I love this weather. The lake is getting lower with no rain. It's winter at 85 degrees and rains come in the summer.

We met with Anna, Lessie and Ed near St. Petersburg this week. Ed and Lessie have a Bluebird bus and RV'ing fulltime. They're in the area with family. We had a nice long lunch at The Pub Restaurant on the waterfront in Indian Rocks. It's always great to meet up with them.

Ed, Anna, Dee, Jim and Lessie

We had time for a movie so we went to Orlando to the Dolby theater for the special effects of Star Wars. The traffic wasn't real bad going but coming back it was stop and go traffic. It doesn't help that the theatre is past Disney World and people are going to the light festivities. The movie was great putting together the plot before the very first movie made. We give it two thumbs up.

 A group of us had a Christmas party. We exchanged names several days ago. We had a great time eating and opening gifts. This group has been great,  We have a lot in common which makes it so interesting. I forgot to get pictures.

It's time to get ready for Christmas day. My sis and her husband are coming and I'm so excited to have them. I'm making the dinner and we're keeping it simple. It's our first Christmas in our new house. It was December 21 last year that we decided to get the house. I can't believe how fast this year has gone, I hope it continues to be busy and fast.

A couple neat pictures. (Click on the picture to enlarge).

Our front gate entrance.

Sunset right outside our door.

I can't post all the little critters I've been making because most are for Christmas gifts. I'll have a special post with all of them next week.

If you're going to Quartzsite here's a special get together happening. Lorne and Sue wanted me to pass this along.

Blogger Fest 2017
Merry Christmas to everyone!


Dizzy-Dick said...

I always enjoy meeting new people and especially other RVers. I enjoy meeting people and enjoying a conversation as much if not more than the traveling.

Brenda Brown said...

In the sunset photo the clouds look just like a Birds head. Merry Christmas to you Dee!

Lorne Green said...

Thanks for the promotion of Blogger Fest. We hope to get a good turn out.