Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas with Sister and Hubby - Critters

(Auburndale, FL (Hi 82 Lo 69 -- Christmas was the best this year. We spent it with my sister Doris and hubby Herm. They came up from Okeechobee for the day with their dog Carley. I made our meal and of course had some wine. The puppy is five months old. Doris brought her Christmas gift, a Virtual Reality headset. It's really fun to watch. I can't imagine what it will be like in the next few years. It's so fun watching the person with the goggles on and it's amazing how it makes you jump when something comes at you. It feels like you're really in the place you're looking at. Face your fears was the best. It's hard to explain, but I'm sure like anything else that's new, it will be quite popular.

Jim with VR on. 

Herm, Doris, Jim playing with Carley

We walked around the park and went to the pier. We knew the ISS (International Space Station)  was going over so stayed till we saw it go by. It stayed in sight for several minutes.

We had a wonderful day together and now moving on to the New year.

I can now put online all the critters I've been making. Everyone loved them as Christmas gifts. I had pictures of the pets so followed that to make the little crochet look alike.

Carley (My sister's dog)

Our son Rick's cat,  Harold

Jim's sister Sharon's dog Charlie

Other orders

This one was the biggest  hit for the Christmas season.

My hubby got me an Amigurumi pattern book for Christmas. I'll be busy making critters for our next craft bazaar plus orders from people. If you're interested in having your pet crocheted, email me.  Most of the shipments have been $2.64.

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