Sunday, December 11, 2016

HOA Christmas Party - Socks - Golf Cart Parade

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 87 Lo 72 -- Nice and warm this week it's great so far for winter. It's close to record temperatures. We're glad to be here and not north.

The Home Owners Association had a Christmas party for the whole park on Saturday night. One of the gals used to run a restaurant and her dad was a chef so she organized a meal that everyone enjoyed. Chicken filled with dressing, mixed vegetables, mash potatoes, blueberry muffins, rolls and cream puffs for dessert.  It was great and the entertainment was the Haines City High School Orchestra. They were really good. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Jim and Dee

Haines City High School Orchestra

We had 160 people at the party.

And Santa came for a visit.

We're in the foggy time of the year. Our lake has disappeared in the fog a couple times this week.

I played shuffleboard on Tuesday. It's up to 16 people all the courts are filled. It was a lot of fun and different from the few playing in the summer.

There's more parties and more fun in the park before Christmas. One of the fun things was a sock exchange. There were several of us that got together and exchanged Christmas socks.

There were only two alike out of the whole group.

These are so cute!

Thursday we went to Sebring for my eye surgery followup. Doctors keep wanting you back but I skipped the three week check, this is the three month checkup. We're one and half hours from Sebring so we're having my records sent to our new doctor in Winter Haven. I think we have all our doctors now in our home area. That's kinda scary, it sounds so permanent. I guess it is actually.

Friday was the golf cart Christmas parade.  We decorated the clubhouse in the morning and got the wassail ready. Wassail is a hot drink which is made with apple cider, orange juice and rum. We also made some without the rum.

Kathy putting in orange slices and Donna watching.

Linda decorating the food table.

Tables are all done with Christmas wrapping paper.

The golf cart parade started at 6. It was after dark so I didn't get many pictures of the parade that turned out well, But here's a couple I took beforehand.

This one looks like a present.

One of the lighted carts.

And a couple taken in the dark.

After the parade around the whole park everyone gathered in the clubhouse for a white elephant gift exchange. Everyone brings a gift, and you're given a number. In number order each person gets a gift off the table and opens it. But instead of taking a wrapped gift you can "steal" a gift that someone has already opened. We had a good time and a few items were stolen three times, which is the most you can steal one gift. It was a lot of fun.

It's been another fast week. From now on I'll post on Saturday instead of Friday so I get in the last of the week's activities. We're staying busy and have a lot to do yet before Christmas.

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