Friday, August 19, 2016

Kitchen and Dining Area Remodeled

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 91 Lo 78 --  My sister was here over the weekend on her way back to Missouri. She will be back again in October.

 This week it's all about the upgrade to the house. Lots of pictures which you can enlarge by just clicking on them. I met a guy at the pool that was a contractor and has retired, sort of.  I mentioned we needed a couple things done to the house and he said he'd check it out. Needless to say he took on a big job, taking out an overhead cabinet and laying a porcelain tile floor. He started Monday morning and has been here all week. I'll take you from the very beginning.

The first thing was to remove the vent above the stove. You can't get to the back burner (at our height) without ducking or cracking your head on the vent. This is my sister trying to be careful in not hitting it.

Front side.

Back side with the long light extensions on both sides.

Clyde taking down the cabinet/vent area.

All gone. The vent hole and electric wires were all that's left to hide

Next was the flooring with a stained leak mark that Clyde fixed a couple weeks ago.

Taking up the carpet. No real damage to the floor, we got lucky

Next was the vinyl flooring in the kitchen. A special machine that cut it like it was nothing.

It's all cleaned up and cleared.

The ceiling had to be resurfaced with popcorn which is in a can. So to protect the stove, floor, lights and floor he put up plastic sheeting.

The spot on the ceiling where the electric wiring is hidden

Measuring and laying out the porcelain tiles.

Chad his son helped lay the flooring.

It's coming along.

Tuesday the floor was almost done. Clyde was taking a break before leaving for the day. The only place to sit was his bucket.

Jessica, Chad's wife also helped, she was doing the grouting starting Thursday.

Almost done, hallway and bathroom was left to do.

Grouting just applied.

Celebrating that it's all done.

Three great contractors, Clyde, Jessica and Chad

It's like a different place. I now can use a Swiffer for fast cleaning

The second bathroom before,

and after. We even got a new tall toilet, easier on our knees.

The hallway coming in the door.

That's done. Next, it's Jim's turn, so surround speakers are in the works in the next couple months.

See you next Friday.


Bob and Jo said...

Looks really good, you guys are making this place yours.

Phyllis said...

I am sure all the work was well worth it.