Friday, August 26, 2016

Appointments - Baseball Game

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 92 Lo 80 --  There's not much to report today. I am now done with the Physical therapy for the shoulder and doing the exercises at home. I'm doing very well, just have to remember not to lift more than eight pounds and certain movement just aggravate the spurs on the top of the shoulder. At least I'm not waking up at night and not getting back to sleep from pain.

We play shuffleboard at 10:00 on Tuesday and Friday mornings. It's been really hot and humid, sometimes we make it to three games and sometimes only two games. It's good to get out and we do have fun playing with the other players. I'm still getting massages to work on the muscles for the knee and the shoulder. I'm lucky to find a person that understands what's going on and the price is really good at $35 an hour. That's half what others charge.

Jim went to the Rays baseball game with a neighbor on Monday night. It's only an hour away and they had a wonderful time. It won't be long the games will be over then football will take it's place. They had a great view of the field.

I'll have more to report next Friday. Have a great week.

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