Friday, July 15, 2016

Alligator - Movie - Okeechobee

(Auburndale, FL)  Hi  97  Lo 82  --  We have a large flea market here in the area, the Auburndale International flea market and we were curious if much was open.  It was a very hot day so we didn't bother with any outside vendors even though we saw a couple of tents. The inside was sparce but we did see some alligators that were in a large area. We felt so sorry for them. They had a water area but it wasn't much and they had three fans blowing on them.  We bought a few items that we were looking for and a few we didn't know we needed.

Doris (my sister) wanted to see Secret Life of Pets movie so we went one afternoon to see it. Great family movie   It was so right on with the dogs and how they act in real life. (Click on pictures to enlarge).

We keep hearing about alligators in our canal. My sister was sitting on the couch watching the canal and saw a long figure moving in the water. She's used to see and finding alligators and thought she saw a small one. When it came up on the bank that's what it was a small four foot alligator. It went under the water so couldn't get a picture of it. This is what it looked like (picture from the internet).

My sister has a place in Okeechobee so on Sunday I decided to travel down with her to help clean her place and do some odd jobs. It's a two hour trip but it went fast with us gabbing the whole way. There's been dead bugs and little lizards the last couple times she's been down, but this time there was nothing. The only minor damage that could have been more of a problem was an open window blown out by wind. It had a wasp nest right beside it so critters, wasps and rain could have done some damage.

One of things in Okechobee that is always interesting is the birds and canals. We have the same thing on our lake, theirs is on a bigger scale.

The Sandhill cranes come in her yard every morning and evening. They have a baby that is always with them.

The pink wormy looking things that we've seen in our place is snail larvae. It's really gooey and when they're on a boat or piers it leaves a mark when they hatch or evaporate.

Thanks to the internet here's a picture of snail laying the eggs. We see birds all the time eating the snails and the shells make great decorations along a walk or flower bed when cleaned out.

We tried to walk the levy and the canals one evening to see alligators. No luck, but it sure was pretty with storms all around us.

Pictures:  The lake is visible from the levy.
My sister walking in front of me,
The canal on the other side of the levy.
The clouds with storms looking south.
The canal runs into the river or the lake. We didn't see any signs of alligators.

We had shrimp on the grill with bacon. The bacon didn't get done, so we learned the bacon has to be cooked first. What a meal, in fact we had a couple meals from it.

My birthday was in June, but sis took me out to eat at a great restaurant in town called the Tin Fish. I love fish tacos and on Tuesday you get two for the price of one. They were the best I've ever had and the salad was fresh, the coleslaw had a nice kick to it, but not overly seasoned. What a great meal. Thank you Doris.

This is waiting for you when you walk in the door.

We left Okeechobee on Wednesday to meet Jim in Sebring the half way point for both of us. We wanted to stop at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Sebring. That store has everything, I found a nice kitchen rug to put in front of the sink. We went to our favorite Chinese place to eat, Hibachi Grill then came home.

Thursday is craft/crochet day and there were several of us. We're making crafts for our November 5, bazaar. We're advertising for vendors and getting people to make things. If anyone is or will be in central Florida in November and have crafts to sell let me know.

We'll see you next Friday.


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Good blog posting. Now that I know what snail eggs look like, I will look for them around my pond/swamp.

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