Friday, July 8, 2016

Visit From My Sis

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 98 Lo 82 --  A quick update on knee and eyes. It's been five months since my knee replacement and I'm beginning to get up and down without a lot of pain from a chair. Finally!  As long as I don't twist it or turn it, I think the worst is now over. I also had an eye checkup and have decided to get the left eye changed from near sighted to far sighted so both eyes are the same. I'll need readers but at least I'll be able to see better and not have the right eye do all the work. I can go without glasses unless I'm reading. That appointment will be end of the month.

July 4th was exciting around here. We went to our first potluck at the clubhouse. There were 104 people at the dinner. That's about all the fulltime people that live in the park in the summer. (Click on pictures to enlarge).

There were seven areas around the lake with fireworks. One of them was just across from the canal and we watched to be sure no sparks fell on our place.

They were very pretty and the reflection in the canal was neat.

Wednesday my sister Doris arrived from Missouri. She comes down a couple months in the summer and all winter. She's staying with us a few days then I'm going to Okeechobee to her place for a few days.  We'll do quite a bit together while we're here.

It's too hot to spend much time outside (the water temperature in the pool is 90 degrees!) so I've been busy crocheting critters. I'm making different types of owls.

We have a small window in our guest bathroom and I wanted something different for a window treatment. I crocheted granny squares with shells in the middle. They match the color of the shower curtain.

It's fun crocheting all kinds of things. Now I'll be working on  getting things crocheted for the November 5th craft bazaar. We're getting people to reserve tables from all over the area.

We went to the International World Flea Market in Auburndale this afternoon, after three games of shuffleboard this morning. There isn't much around this time of year, almost everything was inside two buildings, which weren't air conditioned. We didn't go to the few outside vendors, it's just too hot. We found a few things we didn't think we needed and came home to cool down and settle in for the evening. Doris and Jim are big St. Louis Cardinals fans, so they watched the ball game in the evening and took turns yelling at the TV. :)  While that's going on I'm crocheting and chatting in the RV-Dreams chatroom.

See you next Friday.


Dizzy-Dick said...

You are quite talented. My wife loves to crochet and she saw your posting, so maybe she will make some critters, too.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Oh, by the way, when I had my cataracts removed, I had the doc put in lenses for distance. That way I can drive without glasses. Works for me and I am sure it will work for you, just as long as you don't forget to bring your reading glasses along with you where ever you go. I always carry mine in my shirt pocket and my wife carries hers in her purse.

JO said...

I just love those itty bitty owls. Your talent is great. While I crochet it is lap blankets, blankets, hats and scarves. But it keeps me busy in this heat.

Happy to hear your knee is doing so much better. I buy my readers at the Dollar Tree so I have them everywhere for quick grab.