Friday, July 22, 2016

Florida Storms - Routine

(Auburndale, FL) Hi  95 Lo 79 --  I have to tell everyone about Florida storms. We've lived here for short periods of time twice, once in West Palm Beach where we met and then with the military near Melbourne. We learned quickly that you can never leave your car windows down. Storms here come up fast so fast that when you're on the beach you see a cloud and it's too late to run. A couple teens found that out yesterday. They were on the beach and before they could find shelter they were hit by lightning. It comes out of nowhere. We'll have rains that are so hard you can't see the lake behind us, but a couple doors down it's just sprinkling. We can go in and out of rain on the road for miles and still have the sun shining. Nothing lasts long, maybe 10 minutes. It's interesting for sure watching storms coming across the lake.

We're getting into a regular routine. Saturday thru Monday is nothing much happening. I crochet and we both watch TV shows we've taped during the week. Tuesday is shuffleboard at 10:00 by noon it's about 95 degrees. We come back for lunch and dominoes with a few people is at 1:00.  Wednesday is the morning meeting. There's a very few that go, but we've been discussing hurricane procedures and we signed up for a team to help others to get to safe place. We will have a team meeting next week. Thursday is craft get together. We're all working for the bazaar in November. It's been fun seeing all the neat things the group is doing. Friday is shuffleboard again. Jim does a 3-mile power walk most mornings before the real heat kicks in, but otherwise, except for our shuffleboard games we mostly stay inside and enjoy our new air conditioner. We're looking forward to going to more movies when they come out the rest of the summer.

I went out to lunch with a few of the gals on Thursday. We went to Hog Heaven in Winter Haven, which has excellent BBQ. It was a great time and I'm getting to know the people that live in the park.

Linda, Carol, Jan, Shirley, Donna

Donna, Peggy, Linda, Carol

We're staying busy watching ducks, all kinds of different birds our our big living room windows. And we're still trying to see the alligators again.

I have a favor to ask on behalf of our son Rick. He's a photographer and he's entered a photo contest. Here's the info from him:

Hi Friends. Not usually a fan of asking for "votes" but I'm in a photo challenge where winners get to sell their photos on their website. is a cool place for artists. Voting only lasts 7 days. If you could go to the below site and vote 5 for all my photos (entries span 3 pages), I'd appreciate it! Of course there's a little work involved. You have to register, and you have to vote for 50 total pieces for your vote to count (a mix of ratings so the site doesn't just throw out the 5's you give only me). Help me out! And pass along the link to everyone you know!!

 Thank you for your support. See you next Friday. 

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