Saturday, May 28, 2016

Movie - Trip to Illinois

(Scott AFB, IL) Hi 71 Lo 68 -- It's been a calm week, we're still getting settled with doctors in the area and dentist. We love our new dentist and neither of us have ever had the xrays that we had with this one. It's very comprehensive. I have to go back to get a cleaning but need to take antibiotics first because of the new replacement. I'll schedule it for later in the summer. The medical doctor and dentist are a block apart.

We both wanted to see the movie Money Monsters with George Cloney and Julia Roberts. It's a thumbs up with action and suspense. It's worth it.

We left Wednesday for Illinois to be with the kids and grandkids. The weather was great for both days and only ran into heavy rain near Paducah, KY. We arrived at the Scott AFB lodge by 3:30 central time which gave us time to go see our grandson play basketball. He's come a long way in a year.

Friday we took the kids to Culver and then went to the movie Alice through the Looking Glass. It was a good movie, but we'd advise to see it on DVD.

We visited with the family, went to eat and had a bonfire in the driveway for enjoyable evening with friends and family. Julie and Mike came up to visit us from Godfrey, IL.

Frank, Kendall, Angie, Abby, Kyle, and Dee

Mike, Dee and Julie

Frank, Angie and Jim

We're on the way to Chicago for our step granddaughters wedding.


Donna W. said...

looks like you are having a grand time...did you drive or take train to chicago

Bob and Jo said...

Appreciate your movie reviews