Friday, May 20, 2016

Hurricane Expo - Getting Familiar with Area

(Auburndale FL) Hi 89  Lo 76 --  On June 1, it's the start of hurricane season. We went to a hurricane expo downtown Auburndale on Saturday. It wasn't as good as we thought it would be, but we did pick up some information about where to go in case of emergency or a shelter that's near us. There were three news station weather personalities and the NWS representative answering questions.

We've heard a lot about Bocce ball and a guy at the park had a class on how to play and keep score. We played a game in thick grass so someone had to stand where the little ball was thrown so you know where to throw the bigger ball. To learn about the game click here. We may play again at some point.

We wanted to get familiar with Auburndale, so we went downtown to eat and check out the library.   It's a small town and we had a good time running around checking it out. We have a doctor and dentist in town now so we're settling in nicely

I'm getting a schedule in place, with Tuesday and Friday playing shuffleboard, Wednesday is the morning meeting and womens cards at noon.  Thursday is crafts/crochet. We're getting together a bazaar with handmade items to sell in November. It's a great way of making money to get our supplies to make more items.  We'll have several meetings with a few of us to get that setup.

My latest project is getting my ducks in a row.

We've added a sofa to the living room. It has a recliner on both ends. Jim wanted to check it out, within a few minutes he was out cold.

We're starting to have showers in the afternoons. Our canal is filling with water and a family of ducks were taking a bath one afternoon.

We decided to go to a movie today but we both got busy and wasn't watching the time. When we checked the time the movie had already started and we're 35 minutes away. Another sign of old age creeping in.

We still needed to get a few things and we wanted to try out a pizza place in town. It was packed and we waited 45 minutes for the pizza. We'll go back an earlier time next time we go. We'll try see the movie tomorrow.

We're going up north to be with the kids this next week. I'll post again with our travels next Friday.


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad to see things are starting to fall into place as you start your new lifestyle. It may be some time before we head back to Florida but maybe our paths will cross again down the road.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Phyllis said...

Nice that you are making it your "hometown".

Mark from Missouri said...

Nice to hear about your new home. Maybe someday you will be able to follow us as we start full timing in 2019. I learned a lot from your blog and am keeping an eye on how you did it when you came off the road. Because we will be in the same boat someday.

Karen and Al said...

We had never been to Auburndale after living in Fl over 30 years. We went through it a few years ago and were impressed about what a pretty little town it is. I hope this hurricane season isn't like the 04 and 05 seasons from hell. :(

Bob and Jo said...

Get your ducks in a row and be safe during hurricane season. You can never avoid weather no matter where you are. At least you are safer now than you would be in your Cameo.