Friday, June 3, 2016

Ellice's Wedding - Trip to Chicago

(Auburndale, FL) Hi   94  Lo 78 --  We made it back home on Wednesday evening from Chicago and St. Louis area. We're continuing the blog and this week is one reason we are keeping it updated. It's the special times and we look back frequently to where we went and what happened. This blog will be about the wedding of our step granddaugher, Ellice.

We had a great trip and no bad weather. We went to O'Fallon, IL first to be with grandkids, Kyle and Kendall and our son Frank and his wife Angie. Then to Chicago and back to Frank's.   (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Kyle and Kendall

Frank and Angie with Jim at the bonfire one evening visiting with them.

There's a mini golf course in town with racing cars that the kids wanted to do.

The last night there we had a bbq with great food and visiting with everyone.
Abby (Kyle's girlfiend), Sherry (Angie's mom) and Kendall. I didn't get the other side with Kim and Jimmyy (Angie's brother and his wife). ooops  It was great visiting with the kids and friends.

In  Chicago we went to Rick's for our step granddaughter's wedding. It was a perfect outdoor wedding and the weather was warm with no rain.

First time we've been dressed up in seven years. No reason  while fulltime in an RV.

Ellice with Jack (step brother) and Joey, brother

Rick (our son) and Ellice

Jim, Rick, Jack at the reception

Kyle, Laura (Ellice's mother) and Kendall

Jack, Kyle and Kendall

Rick was teaching Jack to slow dance.

There was a photo booth so we took our turns posing.

We had a breakfast with our family and the a few of the wedding party before we left Chicago


Jack put several straws together and tried to drink from a glass, it got past the first straw, but no further.

We stayed in the same motel going up north and coming back to Florida in Carterville, GA. We got to Atlanta around 3:30 going north so we went I-285 and 9:30 coming south but we took I-75 straight through downtown. It was better going through downtown, but both ways took an extra hour. All you need is patience and watch for the trucks coming in your lane.

While we were in O'Fallon we stayed at Scott Air Force base lodging. Here's the pictures of the rooms. It's two rooms put together for a suite. They're building a new lodge and should be done end of 2017. A great place to stay while with the kids.

It took us half hour to put everything away then go get some dinner at our favorite place in Polk City, FL. We came back and crashed the rest of the night. We're now back to the normal lifestyle of activities in the park. We'll settle into a routine and wait for Frank and family to come for a visit the end of the month.

See you next week.

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Jim and Judy said...

The wedding pics were very nice. I am sure all were happy you two are there.