Friday, June 10, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin - Birthday - Visitors

(Auburndale, FL)  Hi 89  Lo 76 --  We had rains and wind from tropical storm Colin. We've only been in our house a couple months and already had our first storm. It wasn't any worse then some of the storms we've been in over the years in the RV. We couldn't hear the rain in the living room. It was fun watching the waves on the lake and how  fast the wind direction changes. We'll be fine here rather then on the coasts.

 We planned to play dominoes Tuesday afternoon but it was cancelled so I spent the time crocheting. I had an order for six little kitty play toys. I put catnip in them so hopefully they will bring joy to the cats. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Since I'm talking about crafts, we brought back tubs of stuff that our son was storing for us and one of the items was mom's collection of little glass chickens and wooden horses.

My birthday dinner was at Boston Lobster Feast in Kissimmee, FL. I've been going to Red Lobster for 13 years but this year we saw a coupon for this restaurant and decided to go there. It's a buffet and I could have as many lobsters as I wanted so I ate three of them, plus crab legs and shrimp which is also a favorite. Jim could get his oysters so we were both happy. What a great meal! We would highly suggest this restaurant if you like seafood. Click here for more info.

Jim bought me a fishing rod and tackle box for my birthday. I guess I'll be getting some fresh fish if it quits raining .

Lessie and Ed are back in Florida and they came for a visit on Wednesday. They are RV'ing friends that went fulltime a little over a year ago. It's always great seeing them when we can. Thank you for coming to see us.

We've had tiny tree frogs on our windowsill (outside) when it rains real hard

The clouds from the afternoon storms are starting to be daily. The temperature is climbing and the humidity is high. It's Florida in the summer. We don't mind, it's still home to us.

It was a nice humid morning but I went to shuffleboard this morning at 10. There were 8 of us which made a  couple good teams. Tonight we're going to the rodeo. We found a groupon and it's great being close to all the activities.

See you next Friday.


Dizzy-Dick said...

A very happy birthday to you and many, many more.

Laurel Owen said...

Sounds like a nice birthday! Love your mom's chickens. I had several of my grandmother's chickens too, loved them! Lost a lot of them in the flood :(

JO said...

Looks like you had a great Birthday! And Happy belated Birthday to you. great pictures