Friday, April 15, 2016

Keeping Busy - Activities - Movie

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 80 Lo 69 --  I've been working on a puzzle this week. There was no room in the RV to put up a table and I miss working with them. It took four days to get it done. This one isn't like a normal puzzle, It's something new. The front of the box has a picture, but the puzzle is totally a different view and nothing to go by to put it together. The challenge is great. It's 1000 pieces. Click here to learn more.

All laid out

All put together, (click to enlarge to see front of box and what the puzzle looks like).

We're going to the clubhouse for a few games and the Wednesday morning meetings. We played Knock Bingo which is quite different from the regular bingo. There's four in a group and a deck of cards. A paper plate and cup is in the center. You play with three nickels, three dimes, three quarters and three dollar bills for each person. Each player gets 13 cards which you lay out in suits. A card caller calls out a card and if you have it, you put it on the plate. When you get to one card you knock, when you use them all you win. The money is collected from the cup on each round for the winnings, (first game is two nickels, second game is two nickels, and work thru all the money). It took a couple hours and fun for a once a month game.

One of the RV'ing couples is in Kissimmee area so we met at Logan's Steakhouse to meet up with them for lunch. Dick is (Reno) in the chatroom.  Thank you two for meeting with us, see you this winter.

Jim, Dee, Judy and Dick

We were in the area of Celebration and have never been there so we took a drive thru the area. We were thinking it would be a lot like The Villages, but it's not. The homes are huge and close together. There's several condos and apartment buildings. We loved driving thru there. Some look like Georgia colonial homes.

It's been  a long time since we've seen a movie. We wanted to see The Boss with Melissa McCarthy. It wasn't nearly as good as The Spy, but still had a few laughs. It would be better to see it on DVD.

I'm back to crocheting. I went to crochet/knit group meeting and a few of us have decided to make the Thursday meetings to include crafts of all different types. It will be great to get something going for the summer and extend to the snowbirds this winter. I now need to make a lot of critters to catch up. We're also going to have a bazaar in November to sell what we make. It's going to be a great summer.

My latest critter. An alligator, fitting for this area.

 See you next Friday.

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Dizzy-Dick said...

That puzzle looks like a very difficult one to put together. My wife and I like puzzles, too.