Friday, April 22, 2016

Movie - visitors - More Upgrades`

(Auburndale FL) Hi 83 Lo 69 --  We've had a couple visitors to see the place and visit this week. Rob from the (chatroom)  came in from the Deltona area. We met several years ago and he's is a full time RV'er. He still works, so his company pays for RV parking, he has the best of both worlds. Thanks for stopping Rob, hope you come often while in the area. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Or friends from Adelaide Shores RV Resort were in the Lakeland area and stopped in to see our place. We had a wonderful visit catching up on what's going on in Adelaide. Most of the people have left, they stay year around. Thanks for stopping in Barb and Dick. If anyone is in the area please stop in, we're very close to I-4 from Daytona to Tampa area.

We went to see the movie The Jungle Book. Our opinion is it's a great movie and should be up for animation awards at the end of the year. The boy is the only thing live in the movie and he did a wonderful job. He also looks a lot like our grandson, we just wanted to hug him.

We're still working on different upgrades and projects to the house. We have a tall palm tree in the front yard that needed tender loving care. There were "palms" that looked like they were dead but they're actually called flowering.

The gentleman took a ladder off the truck, put on a safety belt, attached the saw and up he went.

It was only a few minutes it was all cut and smoothed out. He cleaned up all the trimmings and on his way. We need to have it done a couple times a year.

We're going every Wednesday to the clubhouse meetings. We learn what's going on for the week and the updates One thing they do here is big trips. There's one going to Greece and Africa next year. It's something to look forward to in the next few years. I went for the first time to play Dominos. It's different then Mexican Train. It's call chicken. It's easier and a lot of fun.

There's less people  then there were three weeks ago.  We're called "rounders". We're here year around.

The highlight of the week is getting our front room blinds installed. We ordered them two weeks ago. This is the living room windows before the install.

This is after the install with more natural light and now we can shut them all down when the afternoon sun comes in which brings a lot of heat or leave a few open. It's quite a change and we love it.

It's been great weather so we've been sitting in the Florida room with a nice breeze. We have internet, TV cable line and our special beverage. No bugs and no sunburn. It can't get any better. There's boats, planes landing and birds to watch.

This picture doesn't do it justice, but that's a pretty sunset behind the trees. In the winter we'll have great views of sunsets in the previous picture, just over the lake.

I did my first longer walk today since the knee surgery. It's one tenth mile to the clubhouse and the docks. There's a nice place to sit and  a cleaning station for fish. We'll be making good use of that in the coming months. I also got out the three wheeled bike, it needs some air in the tires, but that's minor.  I think I can ride it without too much knee pain.

This is our clubhouse with shuffleboard and pool.

The dock area view from the clubhouse.

Panarama of the lake. It's two miles long and one mile wide.

A few of the other views from the dock.

The dock in the background is in front of our place.

We're still upgrading and changing things, but we have time. See  you next Friday.


Laurel Owen said...

You couldn't have picked a better area to settle down. Love the way you're decorating everything!

Bob and Jo said...

Great to follow along on your new home.