Friday, March 25, 2016

We Have Moved

(Auburndale, FL) Hi 84 Lo 71 -- This week was devoted to moving. We had five loads altogether which includes the truck to get everything to the house. I know everyone says how can you get that much stuff in the RV. We packed all day Monday and got the 10 foot truck by early afternoon. We loaded it all up with the help of Jessica and Harry. Another couple came over just in time to pack the kitchen, thank you Rosemary and Lee. I can't be on the knee very long and it was great to have help.

We pulled out with Harry and Jim in the truck and Jessica rode with my sister, Dois,  early Tuesday morning. It took about 2 hours to unload then we got sandwiches from subway and enjoyed the rest and view in  the living room. (Click on pictures to enlarge).

The vodka boxes were perfect, not too big and heavy. The ABC store was getting in their shipment when Jim stopped to get boxes.

We picked up the chairs and couch from the house and brought them back to the RV. They fit perfectly.

We were worried the couch wouldn't fit thru the RV door opening.

The boys also stopped to get a mattress. Saturday we're cleaning, getting the satellite dish, a lamp stand and our sleep number bed. We'll be out of the RV and will have it ready to sell. We'll take it to a dealer in Lake Wales to sell.

Thursday we went on an airboat ride with my sister, Doris, her hubby Herm, Jessica and Harry. It's the last fling of the winter. We went on the Okeechobee canal. It was so much fun. There were a few more people in the boat with us.

Doris is in the back seat.

Captain Troy of the airboat.

Our first alligator, lurking in the brush. He never moved when we came up on him.

We went right thru the brush and lilies.

Then Oscar was found, a 13 foot alligator. He never flinched and we got closer then this picture.

We had a great time. Troy turned the boat a few times to get us wet. The top speed was 35 mph.

We headed back to my sisters for a fish fry. She made some sweet potato fries, biscuits and had some cole slaw. The dessert was chocolate cake.

We also had a few glasses of wine. Jessica had a food overload.

Today we took the last of the stuff we used the last few days to the house. We're now in full time. While we were trying to find places to put stuff a storm came up. That's a wall cloud in the top picture coming across the lake.

We learned there were mobile home damaged not far from us. It was a quick storm and when it was over the WIFI/Cable guy came out to set us up. We now have Brighthouse WIFI which is blazing fast at 113 mbs download speed.

I'm learning real fast this place is for small things. The boxes of food don't fit, they're too tall. A lot of the pans don't fit they're too wide. The cupboards are small but I'm making it work. The stove is a top electric range, it's nice not having fire blowing because of the fan above in the kitchen in the RV. I'm going to like it once I learn it.

More to come next week.


Dizzy-Dick said...

So, you are planning to put down roots. Hope it works out for you. I am sure it will. Keep posting your blog, you hear?

Laurel Owen said...

I bet you're happy that all the moving is out of the way now. Good luck with the sale of the rig and truck.

Bill and Nancy said...

We wish you the best on life's new adventure!!!

SallyB said...

Dee, I have a question ... May I ask your email address ? Mine is THANKS ! Glad you are feeling better ....