Sunday, March 20, 2016

Packing - Nearing the End of Seasonal Stay

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 77  Lo 64 --  I usually post on Friday, but there's too much going on and I didn't have time. We both had doctors appointments this past week and I finally got released from the Physical Therapy people on Tuesday. I'm on my own for the knee and doing quite well as long as I don't turn it sideways. It still swells when I'm on it too long and I use a lot of ice off and on, but there's no time to baby it this week.

Wednesday: My sister came up from Okeechobee and we went up to the new house to meet with our nephew, his wife and see the previous owners for the last time. The first thing we did was go to Parksdale for the strawberry shortcake. They had gone the day before and wanted another one, so did I.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

There's a cake under all whip cream and ice cream. No calories here.

From left to right: Doris, Jim, Patsy, Jim, (the previous owners of the house) Pam and Doug

Doug and Pam

We visited with them for a few hours then headed back to Avon Park.

Thursday: Jim went to another baseball game in Lakeland while I watched the golf cart St. Patrick's Day parade. It was bigger this year then normal and the decorations were great.

Here's just a few entries in the parade.

This is Jason, the co-owner of the park.

Friday: We took Jessica and Harry up to the house. We loaded the truck and my car with little stuff and things that can break easily.  I can't do a lot with the knee and Jessica is good at throwing stuff away. Jim needed help with a 65" TV stand  so Harry helped him get it in the house. We worked most of the afternoon moving the stuff we don't want to the Florida room. I'll call some donation places to see who can pick it up next week.

Saturday: The clubhouse had the craft show and sales. I didn't participate like I had planned to, everything I made I sold right away. There's a lot of talent so I took a few pictures to show what people have made thru the winter.

The bears are so cute with school colors. I have plans to make the little "critter"  bears the same way. That's the project thru the summer months.

The whole room with people and tables setup.

I would love to make the napkin table decoration. When they did it, I was in the hospital for knee replacement.

Different rug designs.

One of the guys teaches how to paint. The class was big this year.

There's several wood working people.

We went back to the house in Auburndale to do laundry, put the TV stand together and I wanted to put away most of the craft stuff.

Jim putting together the TV stand, it only took three and half hours.

The drawers have most of the thread I work with organized in colors, but I need some of the drawers so will change it a bit and put the extra colors in a plastic tub.

Our view sitting in the living room. It had just rained so the water goes into the retention. It's to keep the water from coming into the house. When the winds picked up we could hear the water lap against the barrier.

Jim's fixing the panel that came off the wet bar. He also fixed one of the drawers in the craft cabinet.

We were exhausted when we got home, it wasn't long before we hit the bed.

This next week is moving week. Next Friday we'll be in the house permanently. I'll continue the blog, still a lot going on this summer. When we get the painting done and furniture in place I'll post more pictures. For previous info about the house, click here.


Donna W. said...

busy that smiley face are right a lot of talent there.

Gail Houle said...

You are not going to know what to do with so much room! :) Take it slow this week and take care of that knee. You can unpack slowly as you are able.

Laurel Owen said...

So nice of Jess & Harry to help out. What a great view from your living room!

Karen and Al said...

Did the house come furnished? Good luck with the move next week. Take your time and don't hurt that new knee.

Love your view.