Saturday, June 20, 2015

Family - Flooding- Movie

(Scott AFB, Belleville, IL) Hi  86 Lo 79 -- In the last blog we mentioned we ordered a new La-Z-Boy recliner for Jim. I forgot to include a photo I took of him trying out his new chair. This is the model he got, but the one we ordered is dark blue leather.

Thursday afternoon our good friends Ken and Cindy came for a visit.  We met them several years ago online when we were just beginning to think about going full time, We met them in person the first time in 2010 at the RV-Dreams Rally in South Carolina. They live in Quincy, IL, but they drove down to see us from a state park about an hour north of us where they've been camping. We try to see them whenever we're in Illinois.

We showed them around the base, then sat in our rig for a few hours and chatted away. We ended up going out to dinner at a restaurant in Fairview Heights, Lotawatta Creek Grill. They have great food and a lot of it. We brought home enough leftover food for two more meals. They left from there and we returned to the base. It was so great to see them again. Thanks for coming guys!

Yesterday (Friday) I got a massage. I have a favorite gal here locally and I always schedule a massage with her when we're in town. It rained all night and it was still pouring rain when we left for O'Fallon. There were flash flood warnings all over the St. Louis area, and the roads on base were a mess. We were routed around to a gate we normally don't go through, and several times we had to go through standing water in the road. I felt the car lose traction a couple of times, but we finally made it off base.

The lakes on base are full of water. These are not that far from our RV park.

The creek at the end of the road leading to the RV park. It never got over the road, thank goodness.

After my massage we picked up the grand boys, Kyle and Kendall, and took them to lunch at Taco Bell. We forgot just how much two teens can eat!

Kyle and Kendall

After lunch we dropped Kendall off at his fitness center for his workout, and took Kyle to Barnes & Noble bookstore for an hour. We picked up Kendall and dropped both boys off back home and then went back to the base, hoping we'd be able to make it back to the RV park. The water had receded a lot and we made it fine.

Later that night we went to dinner with Frank, Angie, and the boys to Smokey Bones BBQ. We also got to meet Kyle's girlfriend Abby as she joined us for dinner. She's very sweet and very cute, and she and Kyle make a beautiful couple.

Abbey, Kyle, Kendall, Angie, Frank and Jim.

Today we picked up Kyle and Kendall and took them to see the movie Inside Out. It's the new Pixar animated movie, and it was wonderful! We all loved it, and put it right up there with Toy Story, Up, and all the other Pixar movies.

We went back to their place and visited awhile then went home. Tomorrow we're going to my sister's house in Troy, MO to spend a couple of days with her and her husband Herm.

We'll see you in a couple of days.


Dizzy-Dick said...

A new chair, a day with the grandsons, and good food. . . You had a great day. Couldn't ask for much more.

Donna W. said...

I've heard a lot of good things about lLottawatta creek. Oh I thought your sis had sold her house and moved to Florida.