Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Family Time in Illinois

(Scott AFB, Belleville, IL) Hi  82 Lo 71 -- We had a smooth trip on Monday from Frankfort, Kentucky to Scott AFB, Illinois. We dodged rain the whole trip. After we got set up we went to our son's house for dinner. It was great being with the grand kids and getting caught up with their lives.

Our site at the Scott AFB Famcamp.

It seems like every time we come to the midwest we have bad weather. It's been rainy ever since we got here, and a lot more is on the way from Tropical Storm Bill. So we'll have rain off and on all week. Yesterday (Tuesday) we went between rain showers to get groceries at the Commissary on base, then son Frank brought the grand kids over for a couple hours to visit.

Today we met for lunch with Dom and Ellen, a couple who are visiting this area from New York. They're avid geocachers we met several years ago, and they're in town visiting Dom's sister Jean. We had a nice chatty lunch with them at a nearby Culver's.

Dom, his sister Jean, and his girlfriend Ellen

After lunch we took care of some errands around town. One was to shop for a new recliner for Jim. He's worn out his current La-Z-Boy recliner, so we stopped and looked at some new ones. They're having a big Father's Day sale, so he picked one out and it's on order. It should be in by the end of next week. We got home before the rains started and settled in for the night.

We'll post some pictures of the kids soon. See you in a couple days.

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Karen and Al said...

Yeah, the midwest and Texas is rainy and the entire east coast is having a heat wave. We're both in the wrong part of the country. Enjoy your family time.