Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Visit with Sister - More Flooding

(Scott AFB, Belleville, IL) Hi 86 Lo 76 -- Sunday we went to church with the kids and out to lunch with them, then we immediately left for Troy, MO to visit my sister. The trip was about 80 miles. Late that afternoon we had a line of thunderstorms come through.

One of the reasons for our visit was to go with sis and two other friends to some of the wineries in the Hermann, MO area. We left the guys at home on Monday and made it a girls' day out. There's been a LOT of rain in the area since we got here, and some of the highways were closed due to flooding. We had to take a 25-minute detour to get to the wineries.

This is a field. The water is from the overflowing Quivre River.

The river was almost over the bridge we crossed.

Hermann, MO is known for the many wineries in the area.  We went to several of them, starting at one of our favorites, the Stone Hill Winery where we had lunch. Their restaurant has great food. Three of us had the shrimp BLT and one had the Roast beef  sandwich.

From left to right, Doris, Dee, Judy and Cindy

We went to several wineries, Hermannhof Winery, Adam Puchta WineryOak Glen Vineyard and Winery was our favorite mainly for the views.

Oak Glen Vineyard and Winery

This was our last stop. Can you tell we enjoyed ourselves?

We got back to my sister's and picked up Jim and Herm (Doris's hubby) and went to dinner at J.R. Diamond's, a small mom and pop place just down the highway. They serve basic diner fare, comfort food that's good and plentiful.

This morning we had a smooth (and sunny) trip back to Illinois. We're hoping the rain is gone for awhile so things will dry out. While we were relaxing from the trip we heard the music from an ice cream truck that made its way through the famcamp area. Jim couldn't resist.

Frank, Angie, and the grand boys headed to Wisconsin Dells for the week for their summer vacation. It was scheduled long before we arrived so we couldn't avoid the conflict with our visit. We'll visit some friends and get some errands done in the area while they're gone. 

See you in a couple days.


Jessica Riker said...

That winery tour looks like so much fun! Hope you didn't take on too much wine bottle weight for the rv! lol

Bob and Jo said...

We've enjoyed Hermann every time we have been there